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Open Your Dental Practice with Profits and Purpose in just 12-18 Months

Gain the freedom and fulfillment of owning your own practice, without the common struggles and mistakes.

How long have you been building somebody else's dream? How long have you felt burnout, disposable or craving control over patient care?

You deserve more than just a job; you deserve a thriving dental practice that aligns with your values, provides financial security, and lets you deliver the quality patient care you believe in.


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Why Struggle Alone? Discover How Our Consulting Team Can Launch Your Dental Practice in Just 12-18 Months.

As an associate planning to open your own practice, you have two options:

❌ Option 1: Spend 3-5 years scouring facebook groups, consuming every podcast episode and blog about opening a practice and figure out each complicated step yourself OR

✅ Option 2: Partner with Ideal Practices, the dental startup consultants who have opened over 3,000 practices in the past 10 years and open profitably in 12-18 months.


Imagine saving thousands like Dr. Andrew, who we helped negotiate over two years of free rent for his new practice.

How You Can

Grow Faster Than DIY Dental Startups

 An experienced team that cares about you and your vision

 Financial and business planning to get the best funding for your dream practice

 Entrepreneurial ownership training so you can run a profitable dental business

 Guidance from a team who has opened over 3,000 dental practices so you can dodge all the unexpected situations and costs that DIY startups face

 Negotiation help for your bank terms, lease agreement, equipment and construction contracts to save you money

 Demographic analysis, site selection and floor plan design included

 Marketing training and a customized plan so you can open your doors with new patients on day 1

Ready to accelerate your dental practice startup? Schedule a free consultation today and take the first step towards a profitable and fulfilling practice. Spots are limited, so act now!

Success Stories | What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Saved Me $80k On Equipment And Another $80k On The Contractor. That's Got To Be The Best And Quickest ROI I'll Ever See."

"Ideal practices has been my partner in this from day one. Financing during COVID was a pain but when banks refused to lend to me, Kyle led me through all the roadblocks and I ended up with great terms and was fully funded.

Steve Burns probably saved me $80k on equipment and another $80k on the contractor. That's got to be the best and quickest ROI I'll ever see."

Dr. Jonathan

$1,000,000 in production in his FIRST year

How we help you

Associate dentists this message is for you!

How long have you been practicing dentistry? How long have you been building somebody else's dream or building somebody else's legacy?

Ask yourself, have you felt burnout? Have you felt like you are disposable or maybe you've felt like you don't have control over patient care?

Guess what? You deserve more!

Imagine this: 12 months from today, you're in a beautiful and efficient new office that looks like this


Profitable Practice Ownership is 100% Within Your Reach! You Just Need a Little Help.

You can be a successful practice owner next year!

We’ve worked tirelessly over the yexars to find and assemble the dental practice startup dream team because we want your practice and the process of building it to be a successful venture you feel confident embarking on.

We’ve sought out and recruited the best of the best to create a strategy with the highest level of integrity, that includes a proven 13-step system customized for your vision, that will help you transform your idea of a startup into your very own grand opening.

Our team of experts will instill in you an unmatched sense of confidence and clarity when opening your new dental office and will set you far ahead of your colleagues in preparation and knowledge.

Testimonials we’ve received from doctors just like you have demonstrated time and time again that our system works. Hundreds of dental offices have been opened successfully in countless neighborhoods, and across dozens of demographics.

Stories like these ones 👇🏼

and like these...


Dr. Danny

"Ideal Practice has this process down. They have the best team members for each part of the process. Since opening we will have seen 346 new patients. This is with only being open 4 days a week, we’ve seen our numbers increase from $28 k in May to $93k in August. Ideal Practice has helped me realize my dream of being a small business owner".


Dr. Bryan

"You know we’ve seen 200 patients and we’ve been open 2 months. I know so much of that has to do with all the work that went into making this place feel special, look special. You know when you come in it doesn’t feel like a dental office. We’ve had incredible online reviews already talking about, ‘you are going to enjoy coming to our dental office".


Dr. Nadya

“I knew I wanted to create my own practice. I didn’t know where to start. Working with Ideal Practices is really customized to your needs. We have been booked since the first day. Now I have time and financial freedom. I’m stronger, more confident, and a much happier dentist and so grateful for everything Ideal Practices has done".

Who has this worked for?

Rural startups. City startups. General dentistry, large practices, boutique practices, pediatric, orthodontic, prosthodontic, endodontic, oral surgery. You name it, we’ve done it

Receiving messages from dentists on the day of their grand opening saying things like, “I’ve dreamt of this day my whole life”, “I never thought this would happen”, and “This is a dream come true,” are comments that are a dream come true for us.

With over 273 combined years of dental startup experience, over 4,000 dental floor plans designed and 100 openings a year, Ideal Practices has radically changed the way dental professionals approach startup practice ownership.

The reputation we’ve earned as a trustworthy, high integrity consulting firm is one of the things I cherish most. And I know it can help you achieve the freedom and pride you deserve.

The process to get started is simple...

Why Ideal Practices?


The closest thing to a guaranteed, successful practice that you'll ever see so you can experience the quality of life you deserve.



We are the

World’s Leading Consulting Firm For Associate Dentists

Ideal Practices is the world’s leading consulting firm for dentists who daydream about opening successful and fulfilling private practices. Thousands of doctors have reached profitable practice ownership using our unique and customized 13-Stage system for startup practices.

Not only does Ideal Practices help open more startups than anyone in dentistry, every single startup is 100% customized and unique because you, the vision you have for your future and how you want to practice dentistry is unique.

No cookie cutter business plans here. No templates to download. No kickbacks from vendors or contractors. Just reliable, honest guidance, training, processes and strategic planning from a team who's done it thousands of times.

At Ideal Practices, the only thing we can’t do for you is fix a crown. We’ll leave that to you.

Decrease your risk and increase your success with our proven system


Commitment to Providing a Quality Service
"I know a lot of Ideal Practices' clients very well personally and they were set off on the right foot. I’m glad that a lot of dentists are being set off on the right foot with a sound strategy".

Dedication in Helping Startups Succeed
"I don’t know if I see a more predictable path for startups’ success than I do with Ideal Practices."

Expertise in Opening Practices
"My advice to a best friend who is in the middle of the process...hire Jayme Amos. Ideal Practices gives you the execution and the heart to pull it off. Plus they’re good people."

King of Startups
"Jayme Amos is the King of Dental Startups. If you dream of being your own boss and want to design your own practice, Jayme is my go to person to handle your dream."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with marketing?

Yes! We know that the key to any successful practice is getting patients in the door. Marketing is a big part of our 13 Stage Process. In fact throughout the 12 months you spend with us you'll be working on the profitability of your practice for 5+ months.

We will teach you how other startup dentists have developed marketing strategies to open with new patients on day 1.

However, we don't work with dentists who only need marketing training. A successful dental practice is built on the foundations of our 13 stages. We lead you through the entire process to launch a successful startup dental practice.

How do I know the investment to work with Ideal Practices is worth it?

We have saved many dentists much more than our fee in just equipment costs alone.

But don’t take our word for it, read through our client reviews and case studies here.

I only want demographics research...can you do that?

Relying on demographic reports without strategic research is often times the reason behind a slow growing startup practice.  Great and effective demographic research goes far beyond just looking at numbers and ratios.  We have an in-house team for our demographics research lead by Stephen Trutter and Mike Gharib.

With that being said, we don't work with dentists who only want a demographic report. A successful dental practice is built on the foundations of our entire 13 stages. We will lead you through the entire process to launch a successful startup dental practice.  The decisions you make from the beginning in correct demographics for your situation, vision and growth will have direct correlation to the decisions you will need to make as you move forward in your journey towards a profitable and successful startup dental practice.
Is there consulting after I have opened up my practice?

The Mastery Elite community is a 2 year-long program exclusively for select Ideal Practices clients.

This group is a prestigious community of startup dentists studying the best ways to serve their communities, increase profits, improve systems, support your wins and lean on each other through the challenges.
​The intimate nature of the group creates a trusted network of practice owners who have been where you are now as well as Faculty advisors and Startup MBA Advisors who guide you though your first year of ownership and beyond.
From bi-annual retreats, monthly meetings, continued education and a faculty-led virtual community, we are with you through every step of your startup journey.
I have my space, can I hire John as my floorplan designer?

John Malone is our amazing designer (he's designed over 4,000 dental practices after all). I am not surprised you would want to work with him!

However, his service is part of our 13 Stages Service and is not available as a standalone service.

Do you help with lease negotiation?

Yes! We are here to help you negotiate leases, real estate, financing, equipment, etc…. But only as part of our core 13 Stages Service. We do not offer any services as standalone services.

I'm in the middle of construction. How can you help me?

Unfortunately, you are probably too far along. We believe that in order to help build the most successful practices, everything about the startup process begins with vision. Do not sign a lease, start construction, or choose a site before scheduling a consultation call with our team.

How are you different from other startup consultants?
Where do I even start?!

1. Not only do we help open more startups than *anyone* in dentistry, every single startup is 100% customized and unique because you, the vision you have for your future and how you want to practice dentistry is unique. And just like you, the Ideal Practice's vision, methodology and team are all unique too.
No cookie cutter business plans here. No templates to download. No vendor kickbacks - ever. That means the recommendations we make for you are truly in your best interest. 
2. We are a complete (and growing) team of 17 dental experts who specialize in one specific thing: dental startups. Our elite team of Dental Startup Consultants have opened over 3,000 successful dental practices across the country.

3. Our customized 13-Stage Process, which guides you through every step of opening your startup on a set and paced timeline, is proven nationwide.
Each stage is strategically planned and customized for your future practice, and each team member has been strategically hand-picked and trained to guide you through those steps.

Learn more about our team here.

What kind of doctors do you help?

Our team's expertise and our proven track record is in dentistry. We work with all kinds of dentists, including pediatric dentists, general dentists, orthodontists and periodontists.

Can you help me acquire a practice?

We believe in staying in your zone of genius. Since our team specializes in scratch dental startups, we only work with dentists seeking to start a new dental practice or relocate.

I have already opened up, can you help me grow my practice?
We only offer post-opening consultation services to clients who launched their practice with us. 
How do I work with you?

If you are an associate dentist practicing in the United States, then schedule a consultation call with our Startup Specialist today.

During the call we will discuss your current situation, your vision, your goals, and next steps in the process. This free, no obligation call could change your life. We can't wait to hear about your dreams!

Take Control Of Your Future - You Deserve The Freedom To Plan And Present Cases That Match Your Philosophy