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Meet the team who has opened over 3,000 dental practices


We Are Transforming the Way Associate Dentists Open Profitable Dental Practices

Not only does Ideal Practices help open more startups than *anyone* in dentistry, every single startup is 100% customized and unique because you, the vision you have for your future and how you want to practice dentistry is unique. And just like you, the Ideal Practice's vision, methodology and team are all unique too.

No cookie cutter business plans here. No templates to download. True guidance, processes and strategic planning.

We are a complete (and growing) team of 17 dental experts who specialize in one specific thing: dental startups. Our elite team of Dental Startup Consultants have opened over 3,000 successful dental practices across the country.

Meet Your Team

Stephen Trutter



Stephen Trutter is the CEO of Ideal Practices. With over 850 startup practices under his guidance it’s safe to say that startups are his passion! Stephen loves to understand what moves a client at their core to then help build a custom strategy with the entire Ideal Practices team to implement that strategy. In addition to his passion for client care, his other passion is the entire Ideal Practices team. He constantly wants to provide the best leadership so that each team member can “level up” and continue to deliver a truly ELITE and TRUSTED experience to our clients and be proud of what they have accomplished in their own lives. 

Years in Dentistry: 17 Years


John Malone

Dental Floorplan Designer


John is known as the Picasso of Dental Floor Plans. Over the past 40 years he has created thousands of dental office floor plans, all unique. No two offices are the same. He works with each client to assess their needs and vision. He makes sure there is room to grow and profit in the space. John enjoys getting to know each client and taking those learnings and creating the perfect space for each startup dental practice.

Years in Dentistry:  41 Years


Carol Crooks

Credentialing Advisor


Carol works in credentialing to help guide clients through the insurance credentialing process. She helps clients understand which insurers are right for their practice and teaches clients about the billing process. Carol enjoys helping clients live their dream.

Years in Dentistry:  4 Years


Carolyn Hoyt

Operations Manager


Carolyn is the Operations Manager. She works behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly from loan closings to overall processes. Carolyn enjoys working with the clients and team because they care about more than just opening the doors, they want to build a culture and a community.

Years in Dentistry:  17 Years


Steve Burns

Startup Consultant

Construction and Equipment

Steve has worked in the dental industry for 30 years. He guides clients through the equipment, technology and construction phases of their startup. There are a lot of hurdles in these phases and Steve's expertise helps clients stay on budget and purchase the right equipment and services at the right prices. Steve vets contractors and vendors and makes sure clients aren't over purchasing equipment and services. Steve enjoys helping clients avoid headaches and save money.

Years in Dentistry: 30 Years


Kyle Olding

Startup Business Development Advisor


Kyle is a seasoned financial expert with over a decade of experience in the dental industry. He has worked closely with a variety of clients, from first-time dental practice owners to established professionals, guiding them through the complexities of financing, budgeting, and business planning. With a deep understanding of demographics, real estate negotiations, and project management, Kyle is able to provide invaluable insights to his clients and help them achieve their goals. His extensive knowledge and expertise have made him a sought-after consultant, and he is passionate about educating potential clients on the 13-step process to opening a successful startup dental practice. Kyle's dedication to his clients and his commitment to excellence make him a trusted advisor and a valuable asset to any dental practice looking to thrive in today's competitive market.

Years in Dentistry:  10 Years

We know how terrifying it feels to open a new practice on your own...

Don’t do it alone. Our dental experts have not only developed but proven thousands of times that not only is it possible to open a practice amidst those fears… it can also be profitable.


Jen Gilbert

Startup Strategic Advisor


Jen helps dentists overcome their fears about taking that actual first step, and start the process towards their startup practice ownership. Jen speaks to each prospective client to learn about their vision and help them begin the startup practice process. Jen feeds off the excitement that she gets when a dentist finally is confident enough to pull that rear-view mirror off, and go full steam ahead.

Years in Dentistry:  11 Years


Liz Moldering

Startup MBA Advisor

Startup MBA

The queen of acquisition experiences, Liz understands what it takes to run a successful practice. Liz helps with the creation of the business systems, policies and protocols for the startup. Everything from hiring to financials policies and protocols will be in a client's practice is touched upon in the Startup MBA program. She enjoys helping clients fulfill incredible dreams of what they want to be and what they want to offer to their communities and to their families. 

Years in Dentistry: 10 Years


Stacey Peters

Director of The Startup MBA

Startup MBA

Stacey works with clients to develop the business side of their practice: hiring, financial policies, management, and preparing for opening day. With almost 30 years in the dental industry Stacey knows what it takes to launch a successful dental startup practice. Stacey's favorite part is the dress rehearsal - watching clients realize the final product and that their dream is coming true is very rewarding.

Years in Dentistry:  29 Years


Jesse Darby

Startup Consultant

Jesse guides our clients through the financing portion of their dental startups. With years of experience in the dental financing industry, Jesse is passionate about helping clients start their own practice. He takes pride in understanding what banks are looking for and helping to choose the best option for our clients and their start-up practice. Jesse is most excited to help clients realize their dreams of owning their own practice. It is truly a life-changing event, and he is happy to be a part of it!

Years in Dentistry:  4 Years


Deana Post

Startup MBA Advisor

Startup MBA

Over the years Deana has discovered a soft spot and love for doctors in the start-up process. Her passions grew into a big drive to work alongside doctors in the big life changing adventure to set them up on a positive, proactive foundation that propels them into stratospheric success. Deana works with clients to develop the business side of their practice: hiring, financial policies, management, and preparing for opening day. With 30 years in the dental industry, Deana knows what it takes to launch a successful dental startup practice. 

Years in Dentistry: 30 Years


Brian Frary

Startup Consultant

Construction and Equipment

Before joining Ideal Practices, Brian sold and serviced dental equipment for many years. Now he guides clients through the equipment, construction, and IT phase of their project. His goal is to make sure clients get what they need at the right price and from reputable vendors. He is able to help clients overcome hurdles and stay on budget. He enjoys meeting clients, understanding their vision and needs and then making it come to life.


Jodi Martin

Startup MBA Advisor

Startup MBA

Jodi is a member of the Startup MBA team and helps clients build out their business systems and get ready for opening day. Jodi has worked in the dental industry for over 25 years - from chair side to the office to the supplier side Jodi has the experience to guide clients through the launch of a successful dental startup.

Years in Dentistry: 25 Years


Mike Gharib

Director of Consulting


Mike focuses on the demographics and real estate portion of the startup journey. Mike has over 10 years of experience in negotiating leases and real estate purchases. Mike takes pride in being able to take a 30,000 foot view of the transaction itself, of the situation and being able to find the right path for each client.

Years in Dentistry: 10 Years

Ideal Practices clients sleep easier knowing they’ve got the best dental startup team by their side.


Our customized 13-Stage Process, which guides you through every step of opening your startup on a set and paced timeline, is proven nationwide.

Each stage is strategically planned and customized for your future practice, and each team member has been strategically hand-picked and trained to guide you through those steps.

Someone who’s helped thousands of dentists secure financing for their startup? Done.

The Picasso of floor plan designs who has crafted over 4,000 dental floor plans? Done.

Marketing training that teaches you how to open your dental practice doors with patients on the schedule? Done.

Dental insurance geniuses who can get you credentialed so you get paid? You get 2.

Vision building, demographics and site selection, construction bidding, equipment negotiating, hiring, process planning, day 1 marketing, .... this team's got it all.

At Ideal Practices, the only thing we can’t do for you is fix a crown. We’ll leave that to you.

Our team is an extension of yours… ready to get started?