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See How Associate Dentists Open Successful Startups... Without the Typical Risks

Watch Dr. Lindsay's story

“My office is a place I love to spend my days. We hit the ground running, we had no openings the first day. We were filled with patients right from the start. It’s something special when you walk into a practice that you have created, and the types of patients coming through the door are your ideal patients. I wish I had done it sooner!”

Watch Dr. Ben's story

“Ideal Practices was so supportive. Through that process, now, I have a practice literally of my dreams”

Watch Dr. Bryan' story

“The Million Dollar Startup with Purpose.”

Watch Dr. Lauren's story

“What I first noticed noticed is that prior to working with Jayme that banks were only willing to loan a certain amount to a new dentist. But working with Steven and Jayme – it was night and day. Banks started talking to us, and gave us money to build this practice.”

Watch Dr. Olga's story

“With the first vision call was with Jayme and Stephen and immediately I felt incredibly mentored in what a good office should be like and how the teams should feel.”

Watch Dr. Jordan's story

Dr. Jordan learned how to create a modern floorplan that is inviting...without looking like a typical practice. See how your floorplan earns respect by standing out.

Watch Dr. Mikes's story

“It’s been a lot of hard work but I’m so grateful for Ideal Practices that they were able to make it as easy as possible for me.”

Watch Dr. Danny's story

Dr. Danny learned how a clean and modern floorplan design would help him produce a Million Dollars in just 12 months... See how how your practice can have customized plans and room future growth with this method.

Watch Dr. Henry's story

Dr. Henry went from associate dentist to practice owner in total control.

Watch Dr. Gerry's story

Dr. Gerry opened a successful dental startup practice with nearly 300 patients in just 6 weeks.

Watch Dr. Chirag's story

"This team truly do care about the success of not only the doctor but also their practice, which can be hard to find especially in the consulting world."

"I’ve worked alongside Jayme since day one. He’s provided numerous services that have allowed me to move into my new facility. He really has our best interest in mind to help us grow. I would highly recommend them to anybody." Dr Jason Petkevis

"I would like to personally introduce a very close friend and former co-resident Dr. Hope. She currently resides in Florida and is wanting to take the next step in opening her own Endodontic Practice. I have told her how amazing you guys have been so far for me and she would love to get more information from you all! She is an outstanding clinician and I think Ideal Practices would be a really good fit." Shaun B. D.M.D, M.S.

"Hey Jayme! It was so wonderful chatting with you today! You are seriously a wealth of knowledge. You are so passionate about helping us and it shows through you and your team. I get asked a lot who I am using to do my startup and if it's worth it. I always respond with "I am using Ideal Practice. I am a go-getter, sure I could've done it myself, sure I would've been successful, BUT to what extent? They see in me and instill in me things I didn't know about myself." Most people will proceed to ask if the "hefty price" was worth it, JUST our conversation on marketing ALONE today was way more valuable than any price tag. I am so honored to be one of your success stories!" Dr. P.

"Reached nearly $1 million in collections in his first 12 months"


"I am pursuing my dream and will be making a big difference in my community, COVID or not."


"To the associate who needs to escape the grind and dreams of having something of their own..."


"What a weight lifted off a dental practice owner!"


"Ideal Practices gives you the execution and heart to pull it off..."


"I wish I would have had Ideal Practices in my life 5 years ago! I would have saved a lot of headache, time, and money."... "It's like a cheat code to have Ideal Practices around for guidance and help during this crisis."


"It's been quite the journey and could've never made it without the Ideal Practices team."


"I could not stop smiling after our first day of patients! I was finally doing dentistry and on my own terms"


"They've helped us create the practice of our dreams"


"I came into this with a mild amount of skepticism and fear... These folks lifted that weight"


"It would be an understatement for me to say that the Ideal Practices team is worth several times their weight in gold! I can confidently say that it was the best decision I ever made."