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Associate Dentist's Life-Changing 2-Day Course


Join us October 11th - 12th, 2024 in Dallas, Texas

Launch your Dream Dental Clinic with Expert Guidance

Discover What You'll Learn at the Startup Practice Blueprint

Course Curriculum

  • PLANNING: prepare now for pre-planned success.
  • LOCATION: strategies matched with your vision
  • FINANCING: get loans like you own the bank
  • CONSTRUCTION & EQUIPMENT: negotiations and methods
  • DESIGN: elegance & efficiency, proven for startups
  • MARKETING: your foundation for unlimited patients
  • StartupMBA: hiring, systems, insurance, proven for business
  • CLINICAL: delivering the best care for your patients
  • 1-ON-1 EXPERTS: for ongoing advice as you grow

Take Control of YOUR FUTURE


The Startup Practice Blueprint is dentistry #1 LIVE course that teaches you how to start your own dental practice.

Made just for associate dentists this is not a boring CE course: it is a 2-day LIVE in-person event, a truly dental startup academy fully dedicated to opening successful dental practices from scratch.

Want to learn how to open your own dental practice?


During the course, get live 1-on-1 time with experts. You will learn in group sessions, breakout Q&A meetings and connect with like minded colleagues. Learn about the dentistry business:

  • Demographics
  • Financing
  • Real Estate
  • The StartupMBA process
  • Marketing
  • The 100 New Patient Plan
  • Hiring the Right Team
  • Business systems for growth and stability
  • Construction and Equipment
  • Negotiations with Vendors
  • Legal & CPA Strategies

Only 24 applicants will be accepted


Because we limit the number of attendees, you get time to ask the questions that are relevant to you, instead of some cookie-cutter response in a packed room with cheap presentation slides that try to sell you "extra" services.

You deserve better.

You will get:

▫️ 1-on-1 access to dentistry’s best startup specialists

▫️ The exact methods and teachings that have lead to the top dental startups in the country

But even better...between classroom sessions, you will have the opportunity to join breakout rooms to access the specialists of your choice.

Let's make this YOUR year to step toward practice ownership with a successful startup.

Learn from These ELITE Experts

These are just some of the experts who you'll learn from at the Startup Practice Blueprint:


Stephen Trutter

CEO of Ideal Practices


Stacey Peters

Director of Startup MBA


John Malone

Dental Floorplan Design


Kyle Olding

Startup Business Development Advisor


Mike Gharib

Director of Consulting


Steve Burns

Startup Business Consultant


Ken Jorgenson

National Director CARR Realty


Laura Maly

Co-Founder Wonderist Agency


Michael Anderson

Co-Founder Wonderist Agency


Dr. Clarissa Collier - Holistic Dentist

Startup Practice Blueprint - Colleague Perspective

“Very, very helpful. Liked interacting with other dentists and seeing others who want to own their own practice as well.”

 “It’s compelling… this makes me want to believe that I can do this.”

Dr. Amisha - General Dentist

"A great way to organize and line up information in a “simple” and executable way."

Dr. Paul - Pediatric Dentist

"Positive. Hopeful. Exciting. Enriching. Blown away. Fantastic."

"Great content with excellent presenters. Great experience.”

Dr. Derek - Prosthodontist

“Honestly the best course I have ever attended.”

“Gave me lots of great information.”

“Exceptional - very welcoming, engaging and exciting. Made me feel like my dream can become a reality and is not crazy!”

Dr. Jordan - General Dentist

"Great speakers, incredible variety of topics covered”

“Completely surrounded by industry experts and submerged in dense, useful information.”

Dr. Diana - General Dentist

"I am immediately going to apply to be a high level consulting client”

“Lots of great quality information. 1st day seemed intense!"

“The best CE I have attended by far. Tops all spear courses even!”

Dr. Amy - Pediatric Dentist
Event Schedule


Customized Vision:
Define the Practice that will Represent you and Give you a New Level of Clarity

Choosing the Right Location

Demographics to Support Your Growth

Affordability: How Doctors fund the Project

Real Estate: Lease vs. Purchase (even with no downpayment)

Loans: How to Secure the Best Rate and Best Term
The Right Lending Partners for your Practice

Clinical Protocol: Creating your Ideal Patient Experience

Marketing: Proven Tools for an Unlimited New Patient Pool, used by Million Dollar Startups

Evening Cocktails with the Experts
Roundtable Expert Panels
Small Group LIVE Discussions with Experts
Get Rare Access to the Country's Top Experts


Marketing: 100-New-Patients-on-Opening Day
Proven Tools for Nearly Unlimited New Patients

Hiring: Your Startup-specific Ideal Team

The StartupMBA
Dentistry’s "Business" of systems, protocol and polices
The top priorities for business ownership, specific to startups, before and after the opening day

By the Numbers: CPA Training for Higher Profits

Branding: Powerful Resources that Most Startups Miss

Financial Projection Tools to Plan Your Success Level

Floorplan Training: Maximize Space, Profits, Comfort
Get Case Studies and Training to Use in Your Practice

Construction and Equipment:
Negotiations for $100-300 thousand of savings
How to Get the Best Quality with the Lowest Pricing

Legal Concerns:
Top Dental Attorney Gives Strategies Specific to Startups

...and much, much more...